Intentional Interim Ministry


We are all interim.

Every leader of every organization, from churches to companies, is interim. They will either pass away, retire, move elsewhere, be promoted, terminated, or become incapacitated, rendering them unable to continue their duties. Their absence will reveal trauma, fear of the unknown, schisms, negligence, and gaps between perception and reality during the "in-between" time.

Anyone can keep the seat warm and sign checks, but the dysfunction remains unaddressed. However, someone trained to diagnose a situation, address it, and shape a reasonable path forward would be invaluable.

Intentional Interim Certification Process

  1. Register for the IIM workshop.
  2. Participate in a Zoom orientation, and receive pre-workshop reading and writing assignments.
  3. Attend the two-day workshop.
  4. Complete post-workshop assignments to achieve probationary status.
  5. Complete an interim period under the supervision of the IIM trainer, in consultation with other IIM participants.
  6. Receive certification from WVCSB and be added to the IIM list of available interims.


All inquiries should be directed to:
Dr. Allan Thompson, WVCSB Intentional Interim Coordinator
Cell: 903.742.1616