Disaster Relief

West Virginia Southern Baptist Disaster Relief allows us as the body of Christ to serve our state and display the generosity of Christ.

When disaster strikes, some of the first to respond with help are West Virginia Disaster Relief volunteers. In fact, Southern Baptist Disaster relief is the third largest disaster response network in the nation.

Christian individuals who are active members of a local Southern Baptist Church, in good physical condition, and at least 18 years of age may attend training and join the Disaster Relief team. When a request for assistance comes to the WVCSB Disaster Relief office, individual team members will be contacted to check on their availability for deployment during a specific response.

Areas of Service

Volunteers assist where needed, in West Virginia and beyond, in these areas of service.

Damage Assessment

Go ahead of chainsaw and mud out teams to evaluate damage and inform followup teams on scope of each job, including equipment that will be needed.


Remove damaged trees and other debris blocking doorways, driveways, trees leaning against homes, and limbs broken through roofs or causing a hazard in yards.

Mud Out

Clean out houses, garages, sheds, barns, yards, streets, and community areas to provide a safe environment after the disaster to prepare it for repair.

Showers + Laundry

Aid relief workers and others by providing showers and laundry support in the disaster area. Trailers have private showers, washing machines and dryers, and folding areas.

Are you interested in WV Disaster Relief?

Contact WVCSB Disaster Relief Coordinator, Roy Polmanteer, roy@wvcsb.org or 304.759.8858.

Donate to Disaster Relief

Donations are tax deductible and 100% of gifts are used to meet the needs of hurting people in the wake of disasters.